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At the MagLab we push the boundaries of science. Like so many ground-breaking research groups, the main limitation on what we can achieve is financial funding. Research like ours requires resources and countless hours of toil. More funding equals more scientists and students to grind away at the great mill-stone of progress.

If you are excited by the research that we do, and want to help us do it faster, please consider clicking the link below and making a donation. Any amount will help. And, donations to Caltech are tax deductible (you will receive an email confirmation). Make cool science happen and get a tax write-off, too!

Instructions to donate to the ‘Human Magnetoreception Project’ or the ‘Mask Testing Project’.

Gift Information:
Step 1: Designations: choose specific designations.
Step 2: Pop up screen: scroll to bottom and tick Other designation and continue.
Step 3: Enter in Other designation: ‘Kirschvink: Human Magnetoreception Project’ or ‘Kirschvink: Mask Testing Project’.
Step 4: Donation amount: enter amount.

Thank you for your support!